Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home, Here, and Him.

I have the notion that time is flying by, but simultaneously moving remarkably slow. I give complete credit for that notion to the fact that my sleep cycle is out of order, and as of lately my premeditated afternoon naps are the only things keeping me alive at all. I have a terrible habit of always wishing I were somewhere else instead of enjoying the present and fully living in the moment.
In a few short weeks I will be heading back to the Maritimes for my third move in two years, tracking down a job, visiting my friends and family, and spending late nights and warm afternoons with a certain someone before his band leaves to go on tour in August. A lot of plans have changed for the summer, but despite the bumps in the road- it's going to be one to remember.

I apologize for the lack of outfit photos and fashion type posts lately. The cold i've had for what seems like my entire life now(or maybe three months) seems to still enjoy attacking my immune system, and here in Canada the weather likes to downpour for weeks at a time and call itself Spring. In short, my spirits have been low and my hair has been messy.

However, I did find enough motivation this morning to march around the house and snap a few simple photos of some of the everyday things that I enjoy about my Montreal abode- enjoy!

thanks robyn!


  1. Your bed is lovely! And it's nice to see a piano! Love your closet too. Hope all's well!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. I hope your cold goes away and you feel better soon. Sweet pictures of your place. I love to peek into other people's homes.

  3. You live there?!?!




  4. you have a beautiful home ! and cheers to a fellow canadian blogger :)

  5. I completely emphasise with lacking on the personal photos lately - I always feel that I can only take pictures on my 'good days' and they're not very often ha-ha.

    Your house is gorgeous! I'm loving the pictures of your closet too - perfect.

    Lovely blog - following you now :) hope you feel less coldy soon!


  6. Having cold for three months is not fun. At all. Take vitamins and get well! X


  7. I love your bedroom decor!