Saturday, August 31, 2013

Harvard Grounds

hello lovelies. i recently returned from a quick trip to bustling boston, and to say it was jam-packed would be an understatement. knowing that we only had a limited time to see the city, we made a list of our 'must see's', and opted for on the go over relaxation. it was a good choice. let me just say that the architecture of boston not only overwhelmed me but surprised me, and that it was one of the more beautiful cities i've visited. i've chosen to break the trip down into two posts, starting with a little tour of the harvard campus (definitely one of my must see's.)

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Feeling 22

Two nights ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. It was a lovely evening filled with good food and even better people. We started out by having a lovely supper at a new restaurant in town called 'Ten Resto'- fantastic. Then we headed over to a quaint little wine bar next door. My friends had gotten together and decorated the place for the occasion, and picked up a tasty little cake that ended up being just the right amount for everyone at the party, plus the wine bar staff! 

I tried three new different types of wine and one old favorite! I used to be big on wines imported from Chile, but in the last year I've moved into more local wines from Canada and the US. 

Cheers! xo

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Brunswick

I have lived in the province of New Brunswick for twenty-two years and still have yet to see its ins and outs. Unfortunately, when I imagine a vacation or plan a trip, anywhere remotely local just doesn't seem to appeal to me. Canada is a remarkably beautiful and preserved country, and New Brunswick is a gem. 
It wasn't until recently when asked numerous questions about the Bay of Fundy and it's national parks (which we did not know the answers to) that Amanda and I decided to take a little day trip to some of New Brunswick's finest. 

 Fundy National Park/ Alma

We enjoyed a beautiful picnic at Hopewell Rocks at high tide, and took the scenic route back to Fredericton through Alma and Fundy National Park. It was definitely a day to remember and a huge reminder to uncover the hidden gems of your stomping grounds!