Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wintertime Favorites

I am amazed at how fast Christmas is approaching and how ill prepared for it I am. I still haven't finished my shopping, and it's less than five days away! Despite my pre-Christmas procrastination, the holidays have been filled with good food, good friends, good parties, and good memories! 

(my favorite things of november/december)

green veggies! we've been eating tons of salads and green vegetables the past couple of months, and it's been a much yummier and healthy alternative to eating out and quick frozen foods.

11 am breakfasts! 

we spent an evening decorating the house with christmas lights, stockings, and this sparse little tree. 

i've always been a huge fan of little stocking stuffer gifts, and i recently picked up a few of these dip packages (as well as ultra yummy candy-cane hot cocoa ones) at Wheatons. i think they may become regulars! 

xo-stay warm 
merry christmas!