Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Food

I recently had a day to myself, and I spent a good portion of it recruiting recipes and compiling a large (for me) grocery list. I had been wanting to devote an evening to making a few bulk meals to freeze, and there is no better time of year than fall to bring out the dusty crock pot and take advantage of the fresh, local produce. I did my share of research on the pros and cons of frozen meals, and found that most food bloggers prepared the ingredients to freeze but left the meals uncooked. This completely defied the point of my mission, which was to have easy, individual meals to grab and heat up for work for both Amanda and I.

That being said, the three meals I choose for this month were:

  • Crock pot beef stew
  • Oven baked lasagna
  • Stove-top broccoli and cheddar soup
These meals were fully cooked before individually freezing, and because of their cooking locations- simultaneously!  It only took one devoted afternoon to prepare almost 30 homemade, yummy meals for around 100 dollars. This equaled out to about $3.50 a meal, plus homemade rolls for each!

happy fall!

Friday, September 13, 2013

goodbyes are hard.

Two days ago we said goodbye to this girl.
Words cannot explain the love and simplicity she brought to my everyday life, her gentle heart, and her calm spirit. She was kind, she was brave, and she was wonderful. I am blessed and so thankful for her and everything she was and still is, and will remember her always as a little sparkle in a dark world.

she was so, so special.
we will miss you sweet girl.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fine Arts

On our final day in Boston we visited the museum of science, took a tour of the Samuel Adam's brewery, and spent the remainder of the afternoon engulfed in the fine arts. I would not call myself an art buff, but I am definitely an art appreciator- and even for those who are not, the building itself is exquisite. This museum is riddled with fabulous pieces and rooms that will make you feel as though you were plopped into eastern Europe in the 19th century. 

The highlight of the entire trip for me was the Claude Monet exhibit room. Being able to see such famous and delicate works in person was overwhelming, and I was riddled with soppy wet emotions. I felt extremely blessed to be so close to an original piece of history, and a collection that I have admired since junior high art classes.