Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am currently into the second week of my work place practicum at an early childhood education center, and respectively, everything is a learning experience. 

6 things i have learned:

  • trying to adopt a cute child who already has a loving family is called kidnapping, and is frowned upon no matter how pure your intentions.
  • ladybugs are NOT for pancakes.
  • children will spend 30 minutes telling you that they don't want to clean up rather than taking 30 seconds to actually do it.
  • four year old's do not care if you are in a room unless they want something from you, and then they are only pretending to care.
  • Snowsuits get ruined forever when you swim in a mud puddle.
  • Children like to bang on the bathroom door while you're using it, "just to say hey."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summer Salad

I was given this DE-licious salad recipe while I was living in Montreal, and it became a fast favorite. I recently made it for a game night with friends, and I have a feeling it's going to be popping up a lot this summer. 

yummy ingredients;
-diced cherry tomatoes 
-chick peas 
-cubed mozza cheese 
-corn niblets
-chopped basil / salt / pepper
-tomato and basil vinaigrette (you can use any kind of vinaigrette, or virgin olive oils) 

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Break

I just returned from a beautiful and relaxing Florida vacation, 
and was absolutely not ready for it to be over. This was my fourth trip to Florida and it somehow gets better every time! If you know me then you're very aware that I'm an unbelievably old soul, and my ninety-five year old heart fits perfectly with Florida's retired stereotype. 

trip highlights:
porch drinks
bike rides
manatees and pelicans 
ocean views
sunsets on the dock
family time
golf & reading
friendly people