Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall in Instagram

I am a pretty huge fan of instagram, and of following not only friends and family members, but also bloggers that I love. Since I have been missing in action from blogging the last little while, I thought I'd throw together an instagram collage of my fall in a nutshell. In greater news- I was recently given a tripod as a little pre-Christmas amp up from Amanda. In my mind (hopefully) this means that I can slowly become one of those admired bloggers who take brave selfies in public places.
1. an attempted photo-shoot with my friends new(ish) puppy.
2. cool, crisp fall mornings- my favorite.
3. afternoon french vanilla to get me through a shift.
4. thankgiving centrepiece.
5. welcomed by an unfamiliar bed.
6. healthier snacks than the alternatives in my cupboard.
7. treated myself to a new charles bukowski book.
8. halifax public gardens exploration.
9. precious time with my little ladybug.

instagram: cassidyydawn

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