Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Brunswick

I have lived in the province of New Brunswick for twenty-two years and still have yet to see its ins and outs. Unfortunately, when I imagine a vacation or plan a trip, anywhere remotely local just doesn't seem to appeal to me. Canada is a remarkably beautiful and preserved country, and New Brunswick is a gem. 
It wasn't until recently when asked numerous questions about the Bay of Fundy and it's national parks (which we did not know the answers to) that Amanda and I decided to take a little day trip to some of New Brunswick's finest. 

 Fundy National Park/ Alma

We enjoyed a beautiful picnic at Hopewell Rocks at high tide, and took the scenic route back to Fredericton through Alma and Fundy National Park. It was definitely a day to remember and a huge reminder to uncover the hidden gems of your stomping grounds! 


  1. This place looks beautiful. How did I not know you were in Canada?!