Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am currently into the second week of my work place practicum at an early childhood education center, and respectively, everything is a learning experience. 

6 things i have learned:

  • trying to adopt a cute child who already has a loving family is called kidnapping, and is frowned upon no matter how pure your intentions.
  • ladybugs are NOT for pancakes.
  • children will spend 30 minutes telling you that they don't want to clean up rather than taking 30 seconds to actually do it.
  • four year old's do not care if you are in a room unless they want something from you, and then they are only pretending to care.
  • Snowsuits get ruined forever when you swim in a mud puddle.
  • Children like to bang on the bathroom door while you're using it, "just to say hey."

1 comment:

  1. I bang on the bathroom door to tell my boyfriend "hey." It's not very cute at this age. I give you props working with kids. It sounds hard/fun/hard/fun.