Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sage ++ new lens

Oh, hello. 
I recently traded in my zoom lens for a 50 mm, and am very impressed with that decision.(Hopefully that means I'll be motivated to take more pictures and update more frequently...) I've only had one opportunity to try it out once so far, mostly because the weather has been extremely cold and awful. I've been ready for winter to be over since November, so it's getting a little old at this point. 

Two days ago Amanda and I took Sage on a beautiful snowy trail and she convinced me to bring my camera along! Sage is an incredibly photogenic dog, partly because she's beautiful and partly because she's keeping her eyes on you to make sure you don't do anything shady. 



  1. haha love the last one. nice try though, sage.

  2. tehehe the last one made me laugh. Sage is like you, there's atleast one of two shots at the end of the shoot at are not so photogenic and more hilarious :) miss you and I check your blog every so many days waiting for updates lol I'm your biggest fan!

  3. That dog! So cute! And I love my 50mm! I don't use it much for outfits, but it's amazing for detail/portraits. And yes, why isn't winter over yet?

  4. I recently purchased a 50mm 1.8 and am so happy that I did!