Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fix My Bones

Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and while I was not at all excited to be leaving my teenage years behind, I do appreciate all the things those years brought to me- good and bad. I am thankful for the person that I have become, despite the flaws and uneven figures.

I spent the day with my two best friends, writing music, eating cupcakes, watching movies, reminiscing on our summers and discussing new projects and plans!

When you live in an ocean town, it is shrouded by mist and fog more often than not. Although it often makes for a neat photo effect, I certainly do not love the effect that it has on my hair!

My best friend, Adrienne ^ has a very artistic sense of style. The outfit that she's wearing is completely thrifted and altered by her, and is one of my favorites! There is nothing I love more than floral thrift store finds.
My skirt and necklace are from Forever 21, blouse is thrifted, and tank is from a clothing market in China!


  1. These are gorgeous pictures! Your blog is so original and cool. Glad I found you :)


  2. wow nice oics ..lovely location!want to invite you to check out my giveaway:)La Folie 

  3. You guys look great! I really love that floral printed dress.

  4. Thank you!You look really great!xx Tanja

  5. i LOVE these shots-- you two are so beautiful! those colors are so vivid against that farm. <3!